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Welcome to Sanskardham Alumni

Being pioneers in sports and education, LATE SHRI LAXMANRAOJI INAMDAR popularly known as SHRI VAKIL SAHEB started the education institute, for boys in Manipur, Sanand Dist.- Ahmedabad in 1992.These visionaries taught in a Gurukul System which is one of the oldest on earth and is dedicated to all aspect of modern and subsequently development of a student. It’s a landmark of quality education affordable by all. More than a school, this makes it a knowledge bank with a wonderful concept that certainly assesses the students’ curriculum and extracurricular activities. The key focus lies in ensuring that the child grows up to be a complete individual. Our goal is to nurture the future leaders of India.

Once a Sanskardham Alumni Association (SAA), always an SAA. As an SAA, you are in the league of 1,500 successful alumni members working in top organizations across the world. Stay connected, be informed and get involved through the SAA. We are here to take your relationship with the Sanskardham to a completely new dimension of bonding, collaboration and transformation.

The SAA aims to reconnect our students through Alumni events and to support the further development of our alma mater for a new era of SAAs.


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